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Customer Testimonials

Phyllis Traylor was extremely professional and kind. Both my husband and I felt immediately comfortable with Ms. Traylor. This was the nicest closing experience we’ve ever had. I would certainly recommend her highly.  Shirin Harvey, Garden Ridge, Texas

Phyllis’s service was excellent!! Her personality, attitude, diligence and attention to detail made the signing easy and fun.  We will use her services again and recommend her to others.  Kathleen Thiele-Posey and David Posey, Schertz, TX

Additional Testimonials

Phyllis provided outstanding service and was very professional.  She was very prompt and knowledgeable in the entire process of our loan closing.  Phyllis was also very confident, and answered all our questions which eased our minds during this process.  Major William Johnson, U.S. Air Force, Universal City, TX

The service provided by Phyllis was excellent.  She displayed a pleasant attitude, and was very professional.  I enjoyed every aspect of the signing with her.  Kathryn E. Velazquez, RN, San Antonio, TX

Phyllis’s customer service was “Exceptional”She was very professional, prompt and on time.  She had all the documents, very well organized, very patient, explained everything very well, very accommodating to my needs.  Excellent TOTAL Package.  Dr. Kathryn A. Kaye, New Braunfels, TX

Phyllis is awesome!!! Her service was Excellent!!!  She is very personable and completed paperwork with ease.  Christina Zarbaugh-Brown, Cibolo, TX

Excellent customer service! I will definitely use Phyllis’s services in the future.  She is very knowledgeable and personable.  I was most impressed by the speed and accuracy used to present the documents.  Chris Leasman, New Braunfels, TX

In late 2012, I contacted Phyllis to assist in an area not generally covered in her base, but she was happy to accept the order. As with any seasoned Notary, Phyllis was hesitant at first without gathering information on our company. After her going on a limb and proving her utmost professionalism, knowledge, and communication, I have had the opportunity to work with her on four subsequent transactions. I recommend her services and look forward to working with her in the future– Jake Burkhalter at My Closing Network

A+++++ Expert Servicevery wonderful and excellent!  Phyllis was prompt and very accommodating, it was a wonderful experience. She is very knowledgeable about the process and did an excellent job!   We will absolutely use her services again!  Brandon and Brooke Fuller, Schertz, TX

Phyllis was completely awesome! She presented the documents well, and took the time to explain everything.  Her service was excellentand I will recommend her services to others as well as use her services in the future.  Mark Draper, New Braunfels, Texas

When faced with needing a mobile notary, I went online to find some options and came across Phyllis Traylor’s website. After reading the information, I called her to setup the service. Phyllis was GREAT! She took the time to explain how the process would work, sent a reminder prior to the specified date and was on time to complete the work needed. Phyllis is extremely knowledgeable and courteous and I would recommend her to anyone needing mobile notary services. Scott Chappell, IT Manager-North America Site Services, San Antonio, Texas

Phyllis’s service was very good.  All documents were ready for signing and correct.  She was on time, complete and friendly.  Dale B. Childers, Rockford, IL

Excellent service was providedand I would absolutely recommend Phyllis’s services to others.  Phyllis was on time, very prepared, and we had a great conversation during the signing.  She’s knowledgeable and super professional! I will definitely use her services in the future.  Angela Lou Dilmac, SSgt U.S. Air Force Retired, New Braunfels, Texas

Phyllis provided very good service, she knows what she is doingI would recommend her service to others, and use her services in the future.  Wilbur V. Atkin, Msgt U.S. Air Force Retired, Converse, TX

Your service was excellentI liked your friendly and professional manner and willingness to meet at a location convenient for me.  I really appreciated your ability to explain all the documents I was signing.  I would recommend your services to others, and use your services in the future. Katie Iverson, Corpus Christi, Texas

I rate Phyllis a “10” on customer serviceI will recommend her services to others, and use her services again in the future.  Evelyn T. Mantiply, Cibolo, TX

Phyllis provided excellent service. She explained everything to us during the closing. I would recommend her service to others and use her services in the future. Deborah Brohaugh, U.S. Air Force Retired, New Braunfels, TX

(excerpt from email, from borrower (Steve) to loan officer), …..All went very well w/ our closing Saturday night.  Phyllis Traylor, the notary, was on time, very prepared, and most professional and kind throughout the entire signing process.  I highly recommend NBCOK continue to use her services!  Steve Crawford, SMSgt, U.S. Air Force, Schertz, TX

I would highly recommend your service to others. The service was excellent, super job Phyllis!Your service is very thorough and you’re very well versed in your explanation of loan documents. You explain everything very clearly. Thank you for your service. Antonio Ubina, U.S. Navy Retired, Schertz, TX

Ms. Traylor was extremely professional and on short notice was able to get the job done in a timely matter. When we were changing things around she was able to work with us and she was always professional. It was a pleasure and if we ever needed work done in that area again we would contact her. Deborah Griffin, Kessler Topaz Meltzer & Check, LLP, Radnor, PA

The service was excellentPhyllis was very patient and helpful.  She was also very polite and respectful, which were the most satisfying aspects of her service.  We would recommend her to others and use her services in the future.  Christopher and Cindy Fliehman, Schertz, Texas

Our office is in Atlanta, Georgia. We had a situation in which we needed a notary at a medical facility in the San Antonio area and I found Phyllis Traylor’s name and contact information on I called Ms. Traylor and requested her services for the same day and she was very accommodating and got the job done! I am very satisfied with my experience with Ms. Traylor and  Lauren Armstrong, MARTENSON, HASBROUCK & SIMON LLP, Atlanta Georgia


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